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Bodrum & How to come?


Turgutreis, situated on the western part of Bodrum peninsula, South-East of Turkey, overlooks the blue sea intersecting the Aegean from the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the beautiful nature on the other. Olive and citrus groves are widely spread among a flora of oleanders and bugenvilleas.With its sandy beaches,crystal clear water, ideal winds for surfing, afternoon breeze to cool off the scorching sun and an outstanding sunset Turgutreis portrays a beautiful atmosphere for the perfect holiday.

The earliest known inhabitants were the Lelegs. After the Dorian and Persian invasions the area was under the Kharian dominancy for a period and then demolished completely by Alexander the Great. The area then went under the domminancy of the Seljuks, Byzantines and Order of the Knights of Rhodes respectively.in 1583 it became Turkish soil after Solomon the Magnificent won the battle aganist the Knights of Rhodes.In 1972, the name was changed to Turgutreis in honor of the Ottoman admiral who was born here.

With varying alternatives of transport you can visit Ephesus, Hierapolis, Caunos as well as Cos and Rhodes island which are close by.You must inquire about the Blue Voyage from a travel agent. Daily sightseeing tours and boat trips are also available.

Sunset Beaches:
You can relax freely on chaislounges under rattan umbrellas and use the nearby cafes during daytime and enjoy the incredible sunset in the evening. The varying tones of red and blue portrays a different picture each and every evening fiiling your lungs with the scent of citrus blossoms at the same time.

It is an old fishing village known for its fresh fish and octopus. It is on the southern tip of the peninsula embracing the Island of Cos right across. It is a resort for all ages with its fine sand, turquoise blue sea and turbulent surfing winds from land to sea. You can relax on its beaches and cool off from the breeze coming though the palm trees. You can accommodate in the hotels, aparts and motels dining the seashore and dine in the restaurants.

Everbody spends a day in the lighthouse situated just before the resort of Akcabuk. You can frequently see people surfing or enjoying the sea and sand here. The Surf Club provides those who came unprepared or beginners with eqipment. The Restaurant stiuated at the tip of Cape Fener serves seafood all kinds along with an excellent panorama. The nearby Meteorology and Akcabuk Beaches welcomes sea-lovers with its clean and clear water.

The Resort with fine sandy beaches, enclosed with hills on both sides is actually wind-free. The quiet beachfront is lined with restaurants serving authentic food, where the sound of silence is felt in the sea.

Situated 2 km.from Karaincir, Aspat Cove is a sight for a sore eye with its wide sandy beach and crystal clear water known as an ancient Genoan pirate shelter Aspat is also favorite anchoring spot for yachters. You can reach the Castle at the top of step hill through a narrow path and an old stairway among the ruins. The panaroma that awaits at the top of the hill makes your trouble worthwhile... The wide area behind the beach is accommodated for all silenceis felt in the sea.

Situated at the east side of Turgutreis and 2 km.from Aspat beach. Bağla appears like a gem for those overlooking it from the top of the hill. Its sea, sand, sun, nature and ancient history provides a perfect backround for picnics and leisure. Its clear water and the ruins makes you feel as if you are swimming on ancient history. It is provided with all kinds of accommodation, restaurant, cafes and bars.

Situated 4 km.north of Turgutreis. It is known as one of the ancient Leleg towns. It is a developing new village with is constructions and touristic resorts. This gren village welcomes its visitors with its monumental planetree and quiet beaches. It takes its name from its Hellenistic period Castle.

It is the birthplace of the great Otoman admiral whom Turgutreis was named after. The village, known to be built in the 15 th century, is situated on a hill overlooking the town. It is a typical Mediterranean village with its tangerine groves, bugenvilleas and steep roads leading downtown.

Those who come to Turgutreis for the fist time are embraced with the breathtaking green flora of this town. The old stonehouses enclosed in the greenery are being renovated for settlement. The town is an ideal choise for those who would like to take a hike among the olive and tangerine groves and oleanders while picking fresh sage and thyme from the ground.

Its a typical Mediterranean village away from the sea with its natural beauty and life. Windmills add a cute touch to the surrounding.

There are 14 islets surrounding the clear blue waters of Turgutreis ,namely Yassı Ada, Çatal Adası, Topan Adası, Çoban Adası,Tulluce Adası, Sarı Ada which are the main ones.You can take daily tours by boats rented in towndown Turgutreis. You can also rent private boats and7or take longer trips or blue voyages from here.

Yassı Ada:
It is considered dangerous among seamen for its rocky and shallow waters.It is rich undersea museum with its sunken ships. The findings from 4-7-16 th. centuries are beind displayed at the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archeology.

Çatal Adası:
It is like a backround drop for the town's spectacular sunset. It is the perfect spot for those who prefer a solitary, quiet time.


You can reach Turgutreis via air, sea or land according to your holiday preference. The modern yacht marina D-MARIN provides all kinds of necessities for seacomers. Passengers coming via air land at the nearby Bodrum-Milas airport 60 km. away from town and can make their transfers by bus, taxi or rent-a car. Highways with varying alternatives provides comfortable journeys from any border checkpoint around Turkey all the way to Turgutreis. Transport between Bodrum and Turgutreis is done by minibuses with scheduled departures.


The district,which comes under the City of Mugla and Bodrum Town, is in an area of 55000 Hectare and is situated where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Agean Sea. The natural structure consist of several inlets, giving the coast line a lace like appearance, with steep mountains parallel along the coast such Doru, Boz, Pamuklu, Çatal, Çukur and the Asar mountains. The average heigth of these mountains is 300 m and there are river beds and rich valleys between them. There are 14 Turkish islands around Turgutreis including Küçük Kiremit, Büyük Kiremit, Fener, Çatal, Yassı, Tüllüce, Kargı, Köçek, Sarıat as well as the Greek islands Kos and Kalimnos. The peninsula is covered in forests and there is much natural vegetation outside of the forest. There is a delta as the result of rich earth brought by the Akar Stream in early ages,where the locals grow figs and mandarins as the main livelihood.


You can find all types of restaurants serving food varying from authentical Turkish cuisine to all kinds of sea food, fast food and olive oil dominated Mediterranean cuisine. If you care for olive oil must try "kopoğlu" made from aubergine, "deniz börülcesi" a kind of sea weed "yaprak dolması"stuffed leaves and seasonal salad. Among the local fish you must try grouper, sea bass, bream and octopus served in most of the seaside restaurants. There is large selection of beverages and local/international alcohol drinks available .You can enjoy Turkey pop or all kinds of international music and have fun from early in the morning till late hours of the night in the cafes and pubs in town. There are also discos and live music clubs for dancing and music.

Turgutreis offers a large variety in shopping and fun. You can find all kinds of clothing, gift articles, leather, jewellery, glass objects in the shops situated in the downtown shopping area and the marina. There is also a very special local bazaar in which you can fnd all kinds of Mediterranean vegetables, fruits spices, olive and oils, herbs along with local garments and clothing.


Every evening in Turgutreis a small street comes alive. Local artists exhibit their paintings and crafts in a location known as Artists' Street. Here you will find the cream of the crop of Turgutreis' artists community displaying their own depicting scenes from the area, handmade jewellery, pottery and an array of lovely gifts. To find this local treasure make your way along the sea front towards the Turgutreis Marina taking in the beautiful view of the islands off the coast. Snuggled comfortably in between a small park and an alfresco cafe called Captain Cock, you will find the Artist Street alight and buzzing with tourists and locals alike. Whether you buy or simply take a stroll, all are welcome in the relaxed atmosphere pervading the street. And while you are there why not take a break from your shopping and visit Captain Cock, a virtual oasis sheltered under the trees.